Istituto Istruzione Superiore “Leopoldo Nobili”


Istituto Istruzione Superiore “Leopoldo Nobili”

Istituto Istruzione Superiore “Leopoldo Nobili”

IIS " L. Nobili" is a large-size upper secondary school comprising technical and vocational education, with courses in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fashion Design, Clothing Engineering and Manufacturing, Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance. It provides education for about one thousand seven hundred students, enrolled in  vocational courses and in technical education. The school also provides a full course adult education for both technical and vocational courses both in Mechanics and Electronics. It is located in Reggio Emilia, a medium-sized town in the North East of Italy, in an area of significant migrant inflow. This phenomenon has been steadily growing up in recent years and it has changed the characteristic of the school population, above all in the vocational courses. The school is the main provider of work force in the local  job market, that more and more calls for cross-cultural and organizational  competences and project-based learning to be able to meet the demand of a fast changing global market.

Main role in REFRAME

Istituto Nobili, as vet provider, is responsible for the identification of the existing Italian qualifications that will contribute to the collection of best practices and the co-design the two job profiles in terms of learning outcomes respecting the ECVET framework at European level. Istituto Nobili will also partecipate in the sperimentation of the curricula carried out in the European Laboratory.


Donato Vairo

Assistant Head and School responsible  for alternance  school work and WBL for Usp.

Elena Guidi


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