26th and 27th June 2018


The 2nd partners meeting took place in Barcelona, on the 26th  and 27th of June 2018.

It was attended by:

  • Confindustria Emilia-Romagna: Marina Castellano
  • Cis Scuola per la Gestione di impresa: Rossella Brindani, Veronica Casini, Monica Turrini
  • Jan Van Brabant College: Hans Vasse
  • Ense Generalitat de Catalunya: Mariana Pascual, Miriam Milan
  • FRERE: Liliane Esnault, Axel Jodier
  • Istituto Nobili: Fabrizio Solieri

During the 2-days meeting, the partners’ organizations discussed the overall progress of the project, and more specifically the main results.

FREREF presented the results of the first evaluation and early vision

CIS Scuola per la gestione di impresa and Istituto Nobili presented the website and  the prototype of the REFRAME platform to the partners. The platform will be available in experimental version in October, before the next partners meeting.

The European laboratory on WBL intends to contribute to the improvement of the quality of VET through innovative ways of collaboration between VET schools and companies regarding the whole training process of planning, implementation / provision, monitoring and evaluation.

The platform, in particular, is designed as a common working space (educational and training system and companies) to design, manage and evaluate the learning path in the workplace

Ense Departament d'ensenyament- Generalitat de Catalunya presented the results of the work done on the base of the contribution coming from the different regions and describing the two job profiles of the mechatronic area.

The future activities will be:

  • elaborating the methodological framework
  • reviewing and implementing the ECVET system at sectoral level
  • synopsis of existing qualifications
  • writing a first version of the user guide
  • reviewing the best practises and resources in the domain considered for WBL
  • setting up design principles of young students european training paths
  • setting up design principles for teachers, tutors and mentors european training paths
  • choosing and/or adapting learning environment and relevant resources, including those developed though collaboration among the project regional team.

On the base of the presentation done in the KOM in Bologna, Marina Castellano, by Confindustria Emilia-Romagna, presented the Integrated communication plan, Internal and external communication, dissemination plan, procedures and tools.

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