REFRAME project

REFRAME aims at creating the “European Laboratory for Regional Work Based Learning” based on a platform involving the main stakeholders in 4 countries (Italy, France, Netherlands, Catalonia). 

Taking the mechanical production chains as a benchmark, representing the backbone of the regional economies involved in the proposal, and the related training supply, the laboratory supports and promotes the collaboration VET- companies as regards the whole building process of co-design  wbl paths: - planning - implementation - monitoring - evaluation, according to skills needed and in line with the European transparency instruments (EQF, EQAVET, ECVET)

Considering the activity “Build effective cooperation structures between VET teachers and in-company trainers for delivery of WBL” REFRAME aims at introducing a structural change at regional level to develop high-quality WBL systems, involving long-term commitment by employers, Vet providers and policy makers through the European Laboratory based on the REFRAME platform.

As a final result, REFRAME network will play the role of Excellence Centre promoting WBL, able to provide information, training, support, training path suggestions, methodological guidance, networking and benchmarking facilities and quality assurance tools to companies, schools and VET providers that start or improve/extend their competencies in WBL in all economical sectors.

The primary target group of the project is made of Companies, Schools and VET providers (mainly teachers and trainers, tutors and mentors) in the Mechatronic and electronic-automation sectors; the second target group is composed by policy makers operating in the areas of Education and Training and related WBL fields; the third target group is represented by young people (and their families).  In terms of Governance REFRAME will provide the basis for a real and sustainable impact thanks to the European Laboratory for regional WBL, composed by the wide diversity of stakeholders and based on an effective collaboration and strong commitment, together with a clear definition of their roles and responsibilities.


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